Scrap Gold Collections

With gold prices at record highs, we have partnered with investors who are willing to pay much more than hotel buyers, pawn brokers, or other online companies.

PA Collectors Society will pay you fair and honest high prices on all collections of scrap gold and jewelry.

Gold and Silver Coins

Gold and silver coins are highly sought after and in very high demand.  With gold and silver prices at record highs, the precious metal in these pieces alone makes them extremely valuable.

Serious investors are paying top dollar for pre 1965 U.S. Halfs, Quarters, and Dimes as well as new and historic gold coins.  PA Collectors Society will purchase these coins at near market rate, or help you place them into auction.

Rare U.S. Type Coins

Rare U.S. type coins are in huge demand and we have serious collectors paying top dollar for coins that will fit nicely into their collections.  Because U.S. type coins create such constant demand, we are always searching for the best and the most rare U.S. coins available.

Let the PA Collectors Society find good homes for these historic coins while helping you to make money along the way.

Rare Stamp Collections

We are constantly seeking stamp collections that contain rare and valuable stamps.  Our experts are able to determine the value of these small pieces of history and purchase or sell them for you.

Whether you have an Inverted Jenny or Treskilling Yellow, contact us to receive a high and fair price on your stamps or to have us place them at auction.

Vintage Toy Collections

Antique toys like the one pictured above have brought in huge sums of money.  A small collection of similar items as this, to the amazement of the seller, recently went for over $5,000!  Vintage and antique toys have the ability to receive bids that far outweigh most sellers' expectations. We love dealing in old and antique toys, and our experts will be able to tell you just how much your piece is worth.  Contact us today to realize the sheer value in those old toys you have up in the attic.  Investors want these items now more than ever.

Rare Comics

Rare comic books and complete comic book collections can go for extremely high prices when sold or put to auction.  Comics like those pictured above have always been desirable and continue to become more and more appealing to investors and collectors alike.  Recognize any of these rare comics?  Have you seen these in your basement or attic?  Know someone who owns some of these rare and precious pieces of art?  The #1 Batman comic book in the center of this picture sold on eBay in 2004 for over $55,000!  Contact Pa Collectors Society today to sell you rare and complete comic book collections.  Cash in!

Pocket Watches

Pennsylvania is one of the best states to find rare, collectible, and valuable pocket and railroad watches.  Some are made of gold and carry a very high collector value!  These often ornate and beautifully crafted timepieces can bring some serious bids when they are put to auction.  Our connections to collectors in Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas make it easier for us to locate the perfect potential buyer.  Nice pieces bring a nice price.  Whether we buy it outright from you, or place it in an auction for you, be sure that you will get a fair price on the item.  We guarantee it.

Military and War Items

There are many valuable war items in Pennsylvania and surrounding states.  We have a huge database of collectors who want specific items and are willing to pay well for them. Civil War collectibles, WWII items, or other antique arms, helmets, and medals bring in very high offers from collectors who want to add to their collections.  Contact Pa Collectors Society today-- we can determine the potential value of your items and locate the best buyers for those items.  These valuable pieces of history are highly sought after.  Let Pa Collectors Society help you find an offer you will appreciate.


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