TESTIMONIAL: I recently took my father's collection to one of the "out of town" motel buyers claiming to pay the "highest prices." I didn't sell them because something told me to get other prices. I noticed the Pa Collectors Society ad in my local newspaper and decided to give them a try. THEY OFFERED ME THREE TIMES  what the people at the hotel offered me. The extra cash will go a long way in taking care of my Dad in his old age! Thanks Pa Collectors!

Jerry B. Lewisburg, Pa.

TESTIMONIAL: We noticed the Pa Collectors Society ad in our newspaper and called them. Several days later, they came to our house and made us an offer on a comic book collection my Grandfather left me several years ago. The cash they paid us helped pay off our credit cards and get out of debt! Who needs the government for a stimilus? 
Jenny V. St Marys, Pa.

TESTIMONIAL: I had recently cleaned out my house and decided to get my old jewelry box checked before I pitched it. The buyer from Pa Collectors Society paid me $427 for what I was going to throw away! They paid my Aunt an additional $43 for referring me to them! WOW! 
Connie C. Clearfield, Pa.

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