At PA Collectors Society, we are dedicated to paying the highest possible prices to collectors for all kinds of high quality collections.  Our superior industry contacts enable us to find collectors who are willing to buy nice items for the top dollar.  Whether we purchase items outright or list items through an internet auction, our knowledgeable experts can help customers attain the highest prices for their valuables.  Our personal appraisers will travel throughout Pennsylvania and surrounding states, and will give an accurate assessment to the value of your items. We offer several options including a cash purchase. PA Collectors Society will also provide finder's fees based on the value of any collections that are referred to us. The idea of PA Collectors Society began after spending time working with other buyers.  A few members of the current PA Collectors Society were disgusted by the low rates that some buyers were offering, and decided that something should be done about it.   The result has been a collectible trading company that is dedicated to reversing the industry standard of underselling clients.  In our opinion, fair is fair.  Taking advantage of customers is an unethical practice. Integrity, honesty, and reliability have always been at the heart of our company.  We know that your collections are important to you, and we understand that value goes beyond monetary compensation.  You will feel comfortable working with us because we appreciate these items, and want to see you paid accordingly. History tells us that doing what is right is always best.  We have been doing just that since we started, and will always continue to do so.  Please contact us using the form to the left, or by calling us directly and toll free at 1-877-726-4677 to speak with an expert about your items.

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