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Pa Collectors Society

How It All Works

Pa Collectors Society is willing to pay top dollar for items we need because of our extensive collector database. We know collectors all over the world that are seeking articles from Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. We offer many ways of viewing your items for free appraisals and all cash offers. You can bring your items to us, we can come to you free of charge, or we can meet you at your bank or place of choosing! However you feel most comfortable! 

We Are Strong Buyers of All Types of Collectibles

Let us know if you have a nice collection or know someone with one for sale. If we purchase your collection, we will pay you on the spot. If you refer us to someone with a collection for sale, we will pay them top dollar and give you a finder's fee for your referral.

Ways To Sell

#1 Outright Sale: Most collections are purchased in this manner. We will examine the collection and make an offer on the spot for the items we are interested in. We will also pay the person who referred us to the seller if it is a referral. Depending on the collection size, most fees range from 5% to 10%.


#2 Online Auction: We can also arrange to sell collections, on consignment, in an online auction to those who want the absolute best price for their collections. We will check past auctions, determine the items' approximate value, and pay 50% of the estimated value on the spot. After the auction, we will pack and ship the items to the winning bidders and pay the remainder to the seller minus our fees. (Usually around 25%) We then forward the rest of the funds to the seller and any referral fees. This guarantees the absolute best price for your collection because of the Worldwide exposure in an online auction format. Online Auctions provide excellent exposure to a worldwide audience of collectors. We have been selling online for over ten years and have built up a sizeable database of collectors over those years. These collectors come from all over the globe!

Learn More About Pa Collectors Society

With locations in Selinsgrove and Danville, PA, Pa Collectors Society specializes in collectible and antique item buying. In business since 2009. Locally owned. Honest and fair pricing. Fully licensed. Guaranteed through eBay. Call today for more information.

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